time to travel

14 09 2009

I am returning to Ukraine tomorrow (15 – 26 September) to visit with two
teams of missionaries, one in Kiev and one in Odessa.  Many of you have
prayed for me over the past few years as I’ve considered and pursued how and
where the Lord is calling me to serve.  Both teams are Mission to the World
church planting teams working with Ukrainian presbyterian churches to
establish and strengthen the church in Ukraine.  During this ten day trip, I
will be considering these two teams and they will be considering me, to see
if I might be a good fit on one of their teams for two to three years.

Some of you may wonder how this fits with my civil engineering work.  I am a
professional engineer, but that is not my passion, and I’m hoping that some
of my gifts, strengths, and skills that have benefited me in civil
engineering will be able to transfer to a church planting team.  The folks
in Kiev have a seminary for training Russian-speaking pastors, and I’m quite
interested in the possibility of teaching there longer-term, if that is how
the Lord leads.  That team also has university ministry outreach, music
ministry (including possibly mentoring Ukrainian musicians for thinking
about music in worship), work with an orphanage, and lots of possibilities
since its a city of 5 million people.

Please pray:
1.)  For safe flights (Newark to Boston to Copenhagen to Kiev).
2.)  That I will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.
3.)  That the Lord will clarify his leading in my life.
4.)  That I will be an encouragement to the missionaries I meet with.
5.)  For safe travels within Ukraine.  The evening of the 20th I’ll take an
overnight train to Odessa, and the evening of the 22nd another overnight
train back to Kiev.
6.)  That I will pick up a few Russian phrases quickly.
7.)  That the nations will delight more and more in Jesus!

Please let me know if you have questions or comments for me.  Thanks so much
for your prayers.






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