Rochester L’Abri Conference 2010

15 02 2010

This past weekend I had the joy of attending the Rochester L’Abri Conference in Rochester, MN. Running all day Friday and Saturday, the weekend was full of plenary sessions and workshops on the power of the gospel to transform all that it touches. On Sunday, I worshiped with Trinity PCA and lunched with good friends before catching my return flight.

While at the conference I shared my future ministry in Ukraine with a number of people. One of the L’Abri workers in the Netherlands told me that there’s a Belarusian family with a vision to begin a L’Abri-type ministry in Belarus, but they were kicked out by the government and are now living and building their ministry in Kyiv, Ukraine. I hope to get in touch with them soon, and put them in touch with my team members in Kiev. L’Abri has been a blessing in my life and the lives of many people I know, so its exciting to think how the churches in Ukraine could be strengthened if their ministry were to grow in Kiev.

Thank the Lord with me for the work he is already doing in Kyiv, and the ways I and my team there may be able to support and come alongside the Ukrainian church.




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