moving forward

24 06 2010

My support raising work is picking up a little speed! Tomorrow afternoon I’m driving to Birmingham, AL, to present my ministry to about 10 to 12 people at a dessert and coffee a friend has graciously organized. This should be a good opportunity to show my team’s video, to meet some new people, and to be encouraged by their giving me an evening to tell them how God is working in Kiev.

I’m hoping to visit General Assembly in Nashville one afternoon and evening next week for a few meetings with people from church I otherwise probably won’t be able to connect with face to face. Please pray that I can confirm the details of these meetings and get off work at 3:00pm Chattanooga time for those meetings.

Over the Independence Day weekend I’ll travel to visit family in Pennsylvania, and hope to tell some of my extended family about my calling to Kiev and invite them to support me. My Ukrainian cousin and his wife will also be at our Independence Day gathering, and it will be good to visit with them.

During the first week of July friends in Chattanooga are planning a dessert with some of their friends so I can tell them about the work in Kiev and invite them to consider supporting me. I will continue to schedule meetings with people locally and call friends who are in other cities to invite people to join my support team.

Please pray that I continue to build momentum in the work of building a team of supporters. I need faithfulness to continue working my full-time engineering job well, and energy to work consistently on raising support on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as a few hours each Saturday.

Thank you for your important role praying for me. I will not be able to reach Ukraine or work faithfully apart from the support and prayers of my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks!




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