population density

17 07 2010

When I tell people that Kiev is a big city, about 4 million people, I often compare it to Atlanta’s size.  However, that’s only half the story.  When you start looking at how many people per square mile live in each city, you realize why Kiev feels larger than Atlanta.

In 2008, Atlanta had 4,018.4 people per square mile in the city proper, and 629.4 people per square mile in the greater metro area, which is what most people think of when they talk about Atlanta being huge. Kiev’s population density is more than double that of Atlanta, at 8,544.4 people per square mile. In Chattanooga, where I currently live, we have 1,264 people per square mile.  So then I was curious how Kiev and Atlanta stack up against the population density of other major world cities.

  • मुंबई (Mumbai) Density (2010) 59,368 /sq mi
  • London Density (2007) 12,331/sq mi
  • Chicago Density (2009) 12,649/sq mi
  • Nairobi Density (2009) 11,678.3/sq mi
  • Berlin Density (2009) 9,987.7/sq mi
  • 上海 (Shanghai) Density 7,070.3/sq mi
  • 北京 (Beijing) Density (2010) 3,391.4/sq mi
  • Київ (Kyiv/Kiev) – Density (2008) 8,544.4/sq mi
  • New York City Urban Density (2008) 5,435.7/sq mi / Metro Density 2,828.4/sq mi
  • Atlanta Density (2008) 4,018.4/sq mi / Metro Density 629.4/sq mi
  • Looks like Mumbai, India leaves everybody in the dust when it comes to packing in the people.

    How close do you live to your nearest neighbor? What are the best reasons to live where the population is dense, or why do you choose to live in a sparsely populated rural hamlet?




    2 responses

    17 07 2010

    You forgot Tokyo! 14,339 per sq mile. 🙂 God bless you as you raise support.

    17 07 2010

    You’re right, I did forget Tokyo. Except for Mumbai, I’ve been in all the cities I listed, which is part of the reason I listed them. I’ve been a lot closer to Tokyo than Mumbai, when I had an overnight layover in Narita on the way to Beijing, but I didn’t actually make it into Tokyo.

    Are you guys living in Tokyo, or in the States somewhere?

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