peanut butter and coffee

30 07 2010

Two things I really enjoy: fresh ground peanut butter, and good strong dark coffee. Quite frequently I’ll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, and take my lunch break at a coffee shop near my office. Its a good time to get away from work, to reflect, read, or say hi to the baristas I’ve gotten to know a little.

However, peanut butter and coffee are both going to be hard to find or expensive in Kiev. I like hot tea, which is good because Ukraine is tea country and has been for thousands of years, but I also enjoy a good cup of coffee. Don’t know what my alternative to peanut butter will be yet. What I do know is that God will provide me with the grace and flexibility to adapt to the foods and drinks that are available there.

Even in little things like that God is faithful to provide. One family I spoke with, upon hearing that I love coffee and its not readily available in Kiev, said that they’re going to send me care packages with good coffee. God never ceases to remind me of his provision: I’m not even in Kiev yet, and some of my supporters are already talking about sending me coffee. Thanks for the encouragement!




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3 08 2010

This is a perk (no pun intended) of L’viv: it’s the coffee capital of Ukraine! I’ve seen peanut butter in Odessa, so I’m guessing it’s locatable in Kyiv too!

You’re going to Belgium in January, right?

4 08 2010

I’ve been planning on it, but have had less time to raise support due to my full-time engineering job. My workload there has recently increased, and I’m praying through how to respond to that in a manner that wisely balances my callings to work in engineering prior to Ukraine, and to work at building my team of partners to support me as I go to Kiev. Will you be in Belgium then?

Would you pray for wisdom for me over the next two weeks? Thanks!

7 08 2010

I’ll be praying for you, man! It is indeed a life of chaos, trying to juggle everything!

Yes, I’ll be going to Belgium in January. I’ll be getting to the field pre pre-field which sounds kind of weird! 🙂

16 08 2010
Bobbi Jo

You will have to enjoy Nutella like spreads instead, that is what I enjoyed in Romania. It isn’t exactly like peanut butter but good stuff.

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