MTW Ukraine retreat

5 10 2010

I’m copying this from the blog of future team-mates of mine, Steve and Dawn Sparks:

This coming weekend (Oct. 8-10), all of the Mission to the World (MTW) missionaries in Ukraine will gather together for the annual country-wide team retreat. Since MTW has folks in 5 different cities across the country, it is nice for everyone to gather together in one place periodically. This is a great time to hear about the joys and challenges of ministry in the various cities, to pray for one another, to worship in English, and to be taught from the Word. It is also a time for folks to get away from their usual ministry context and enjoy the mountains of western Ukraine with their families….

The Ukraine team is also in the midst of a big transition. Eric Huber, the Country Director for the past 7 years or so, has taken a pastorate in Pennsylvania. While I’m sure his congregation there will enjoy the Huber family, they will be greatly missed in Ukraine. The Hubers will be at the retreat for the first couple of days.

As you think of them this weekend, please pray for the Ukraine missionaries. Pray for rest, refreshment, and encouragement. Pray for safe travel and health for all. And pray for some folks who planned to be there but due to a lack of financial support or family health issues are currently in the U.S. Pray that God would provide for them and that they would also be encouraged and comforted by Him. Finally, pray for the Hubers as they say final goodbyes to folks in Ukraine and continue their transition to life in the U.S.

Join me in praying for the retreat this weekend. I hope to be in Ukraine by mid-2011, and would be able to attend the next retreat.




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