Support raising

21 10 2010

Does the Bible provide a basis for supporting missionaries?  I believe that there is strong biblical precedent for support raising:

  1. A group of women provided for Jesus out of their means (Luke 8:3).
  2. The apostle John commends believers for their faithfulness in sending brothers out for the sake of the name in a manner worthy of God (3 John 5-7).
  3. Paul rejoiced at the Philippian’s concern for him when he received their gift, because it showed the fruit of his investment of the gospel in their lives (Phil. 4:10,17).

What are some other benefits of developing ministry partners who will give and pray for me as prepare to serve in Kiev?

  1. Raising financial support provides a concrete opportunity for me to learn to trust God more fully, it is another way of confirming the Lord’s calling in my life, and it gives others in the church the joy of partnering in the work the Lord has called me to.
  2. In Malawi, there is a Chichewa proverb that says, “Giving is investing.”
  3. Finally and perhaps most important, by establishing direct connections between me and supporting individuals and churches, support raising builds a network of prayer supporters, and this is crucial for the work God is calling me to and the growth of the supporting churches and believers.

Do you want to join my team as I build toward the borderland?  You can pledge a monthly gift or donate a special gift, and to stay up to date, you can sign up for my newsletter.




One response

10 11 2010
Danielle G

I came across your blog via the Sparks (whom we met at LIG in June 2010). I appreciate your recent post here on the biblical basis for fundraising and the idea of tent-making. We are often asked the same kinds of questions. Thanks for getting the info out there and perhaps encourage some folks to ponder a bit more.

In Him,
PS You really impressed us when we first met at MTW in June 2009 – we were there for I&O and you for a vision trip (?). We were grateful for your eagerness to minister in song back at the hotel!

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