pledges through prayer

14 04 2011

No sooner had I posted my 24% monthly support level than it was outdated.  By Tuesday morning, a pledge via email and another pledge from a co-worker at my engineering firm raised my monthly support to 26%.  Tuesday evening I received a generous one-time gift and a monthly pledge after presenting the Ukraine ministry at another small group.

Wednesday after work I drove to Atlanta to share God’s call in my life and his kingdom-building work in Kiev with the church I attended during my Georgia Tech days.  I was encouraged to hear these brothers and sisters praying, to hear how they’re growing in their love for each other and for Jesus–in a sense, to overhear the gospel percolating in their lives.  After a late-night drive back to Chattanooga (including singing along with music I love and listening to a L’Abri lecture Carrie Adams gave on Vocation and Calling), I discovered a friend and two relatives had pledged monthly and quarterly support, bringing my monthly support up to 29%.

So my monthly support has increased 9% in the first three days of this week.  Thanks to those who’ve pledged, and thanks to those who’ve prayed.  Praise the Lord for his provision!




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