post-tornado work

19 05 2011

My previous post lets you know what’s occupied much of my time since my last update. The other reason for my relative lack of posts here was a technical issue that prevented me from logging into this site. Thankfully that’s fixed.

Now I’m back at Ukraine support-raising, and I need your help again. From mid-March to mid-April, I asked you to pray as I worked that I’d reach 60% of my pledged monthly support by April 15th. On that Friday, I had pledges for 29% of monthly support, up 12% from when you started praying. Now my monthly pledged support is 31%, and my one-time support is 35%.

I’m facing an open calendar, and need your help again. Will you pray with me for these two things?

  • that between now and Friday, June 17th, I’ll reach 50% of my monthly support
  • that I’ll be able to schedule meetings with potential financial and prayer supporters

That would be a 15% increase in my monthly support. Last time you prayed God provided 12%, and I believe we’re called to faithfulness in small things. Certainly the Lord who ruled the tornado’s power and protected my parents house can provide the support I need for serving in Ukraine.

Thanks for your work in prayer on my behalf.  Pray that the church may be strengthened in Kiev, and that God will continue leading me as I prepare to serve him there.




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