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14 06 2011

So I’m sending out emails, mail, and making calls to schedule meetings to tell you about Ukraine.  Why am I going?  What’s the need?  How is God working?  He’s building his kingdom, but what does that mean?

I’d love to sit down with you and tell you about a friend I met in Ukraine who wanted to know why God doesn’t do something about all the bad in the world, if God really is compassionate and powerful as we see him in Jesus feeding of the 5,000 people.  I could describe sitting at a cafe on Red Army Street listening to a young elder share his and his wife’s passion to help strengthen marriages in Kiev and through-out Ukraine.

I’ve seen glimmers of God’s kingdom being built in Kiev, and I’d love to share those stories with you.  Would you like to listen?  Let me know.

Have you already heard?  Pray that I’ll see fruit from my labors, that I’ll be able to schedule calls and meetings with people.  Pray that I’m able to point out the dynamic gospel and grace of Jesus that’s transforming people and places in Ukraine and around the world.  Thanks!




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