what’s a pre-call letter?

19 07 2011

Sometimes friends ask me what exactly I do when I’m working on my Ukraine support raising. Well, one tool I use is a “Pre-Call” letter. Its a simple, colorful, one-page introduction to my calling to serve with MTW in Kiev, basically a form letter which I customize the greeting and close. I email or mail these out to give people a head’s up that I’ll be calling them to explain my ministry over the phone, or to set up a face-to-face coffee or meal to present my ministry. My pre-call letters also make clear that I’m seeking financial supporters and prayer supporters, and I tell people that I’ll ask them to participate. That way, we’re each expecting it when I tell them my needs and ask them to give and pray.

But you know what? If I were simply fund-raising, I think I’d have quit a while ago. However, support raising is different: I get to remind God’s people that he is building his kingdom by his grace, everywhere, crossing cultures and crumbling idols, claiming the corners of our hearts and the streets of our cities, whether Chattanooga or Kiev. There is no part of this world which doesn’t owe allegiance to our King of grace.

Pray with me, give to send me, and may our Sovereign be acclaimed and praised for his grace and glory, here, in Ukraine, and everywhere.




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