margin? nah

27 07 2011

Hi folks, just a quick update. A few of you recently visited my website for the first time, one or two of who even subscribed to my RSS feed to stay up to date. Thanks!

Very late Monday night I flew into Atlanta airport from a quick weekend in Chicago for support raising, and in Milwaukee to visit my Grandma and a few cousins. My aunt and uncle gave me a ride between the cities. I’m thankful for the time with friends and family, for the generosity of all who gave toward my Ukraine support, and for safe travels – even though when I arrived at work Tuesday morning it was with only 3 hours of sleep due to severe weather delays Monday night. I’ll post pictures from my trip soon.

However, I’ve got thank you notes and an update letter to write tonight. Thanks for your prayers and support!  Keep praying as I travel out of town sometimes, and schedule meetings here in Chattanooga.




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