back in town

5 08 2011

This week I’ve been playing catch up.  Two weekends ago I was in Chicago for support raising and to visit family.  This past Friday – Monday I flew up to New York City, to spend Saturday and Sunday as a mini-reunion of college friends; actually it was just three families: me, my brother (and his wife and my two nephews), visiting our mutual friend and former college roommate Chris and his wife outside Albany, NY.  Then I had an opportunity to present my Ukraine ministry bright and early 6:30am Monday morning, over coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts with a couple on the missions committee at my brother’s church, before flying back to Chattanooga.

Since then I’ve presented my Ukraine ministry at a friend’s dessert and coffee this past Tuesday, plowed through my backlog of thank you notes, drafted a long-overdue update which you should receive in the next couple days, and resumed scheduling meetings here in the Chattanooga region.

Want to participate?  Pray that I’ll fill my calendar with meetings.  Open your wallets and give, cheerfully out of whatever wealth the Lord has given you.

I’ve gotta go get my rice for dinner.  Talk to you soon!




2 responses

5 08 2011
Bob Wiegers

hi Joel,
Andy Perkins’ dad (Dana) has a remote co-worker in the Ukraine. He’s been able to present the gospel to him and has had good conversations. I’ll find out what city he’s in. Perhaps some day you can meet him?

6 08 2011


Thanks for the heads up. Email me his name and city when you get a chance. I think I’d better start a list of friends of friends in Ukraine, ’cause it seems every few weeks somebody has a connection over there.

Hope you guys have settled in and are enjoying your northern climate this summer.


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