pray boldly

17 08 2011

The pastor of one of the churches in our presbytery recently shared this quote on his church’s Facebook page:

“Super prayers are not reserved for super saints. The humblest believer who prays in Jesus’ name may appeal to the Father with the voice of the Son. Through our union with Christ, his righteousness rather than ours is the basis of God’s favor….The Bible urges us to pray about much even if we do not think that we are much. In Christ, we have the freedom to pray boldly and ask big things of God—not for our own sakes, but for the sake of Christ’s name and for his glory.” –Bryan Chapell

With that in mind, here’s how you can pray for me when you bring your cares to our Father:

1. Ask that the gospel of Jesus and his culture-crossing grace would drive my ministry of support raising.

2. Ask that God will give me the ability to schedule meetings to invite others to join my Ukraine team.

3. Ask for my monthly pledged support to double from its current 34% to 68% by the end of September, and for all my monthly pledges by November.

4. Praise God with me that my one-time support is now 51%! Ask him for 68% by the end of September, and full support by November.

Pray not for my sake, but with anticipation and excitement to see God’s glory in meeting my need, and in enabling me to serve in Kiev.  Thanks!




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