up a wee bit

20 09 2011

This past Friday evening I returned home from a week at Ridge Haven, in the North Carolina mountains, southwest of Asheville. I’d participated in MTW’s Living In Grace conference, a refreshing week of looking at the love and grace of God in our lives, and the reality that its not just by grace that we’re justified, but also by grace that we become more like Jesus.

There’s much I could say, but one thing that I came away with was my need to walk in greater dependence on God in prayer. Even dependent prayer is a gift that the Holy Spirit must give me, otherwise I’ll keep thinking I’m the one doing stuff in my life.

Yes, I have lots of Ukraine support raising work to do, but ultimately I’m dependent on God to move in peoples hearts to give and pray to equip and send me to Kiev. Upon coming home, I discovered two separate monthly pledges totally $35/month in new pledges–two of the people I asked you to pray for in my last update, which moved my monthly pledges from 33.5% to 34.4%, in other words, a 0.9% increase, but still 34%. I also received one time gifts and now have 54% of my one-time support.

Thanks to all who’ve pledged or given! Keep praying and giving with me as I work and pray to serve God in Ukraine. I need to be fully supported by the end of the year!




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