what’s your bottom line for Ukraine support?

4 10 2011

“What’s your bottom line for Ukraine support?  Not your percentage, but how much money do you need,”  asked one of my pastors today.  I did the quick math for my outstanding 64% of my monthly $3,713 and told him $2,385 per month and $11,000 in one-time gifts. Or $8,000 since I plan to contribute myself to reduce my one-time line items by $3,000…. there I go complicating the bottom line.

Another way to see it is 50 new monthly supporters could meet my outstanding monthly need. Here’s one way it could break down:

  • 1 church or person giving $300 per month
  • 2 churches or people giving $150 per month
  • 3 people giving $90 per month
  • 10 people giving $60 per month
  • 25 people giving $30 per month
  • 5 giving $25 per month
  • 4 giving $10 per month

If you’re not already giving monthly, which of those levels could you give at?  I need your partnership if God is going to work through you to send me.  Thanks!




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