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14 10 2011

Hi.  So I’m here, you’re there, and I’m sure we’ve both been busy since the last time I wrote.  I intended to draft an update to my email list yesterday, but didn’t intend to work a 10-hour day at my engineering job.  The update will be relegated till late this afternoon, or perhaps Saturday morning.

I’ve driven to Knoxville twice within the past week for work, and may be there again some next week.  During the two-hour drives I’ve listened to two L’Abri lectures, one on the gift economy based on the fundamental reality that God is the giver of all good things, and the other on God the Creator of all things.

I’ve also been working through a Tim Keller article on idols.  I’ve asked a few of you to ask God’s Spirit to open my eyes to see anything I’ve put before God in my own life.  Those prayers are being answered, and I’m learning in new ways how easily I turn from the living God to worship created things.  This isn’t easy, but its good, cause I’m seeing more of my desperate daily need for Jesus.  Keller speaks of near idols, things on the surface that we orient our lives around, and far idols, the underlying heart-motives stemming from not believing the gospel, and driving our near idols.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit opens my eyes to see my far idols–either directly through my reading the Bible and praying, or through close friends who’re walking with me.  More on that later.

Shifting gears, you may wonder how near & far I am from full support.  Recently a friend pledged $100/month, another $20/month, and another increase a previous pledge by $5/month.  Doesn’t sound like much, but if all my monthly supporters did that I’d be 3% closer to my goal.

I still need $2,260 in additional monthly support, or 61%.  Those new pledges mean in the 50 people I needed in my last post, I’ve received the equivalent of a 90, 25, and 10 monthly giving.  47 more supporters would fully fund my monthly need!

When should you pledge?  Right away: I need to have 80% of my support pledges ($1,522/month) by November 15th to register for pre-field training in January.  Then I’ll need to finish support raising by the end of the year.

How can you pledge?  Email me with your commitment and I can forward it to MTW, or see for other ways to pledge.




2 responses

14 10 2011

I really appreciate Tim Keller’s wisdom. I will be praying for you.

21 12 2011
social networks, mobile phones, & real good in the world « building toward the borderland

[…] God lets us see some of the really cool ways he works.  In October I told you in my “near & far” post that I was working through a Tim Keller article on idolatry.  Well, in my October 19th […]

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