progress through prayer

20 10 2011

There’s been a lot going on recently – a project is wrapping up at my engineering job, and I mentioned I’ll be asking you to mobilize specific, daily prayer that I’ll reach 80% support by November 15th, so I can register for Pre-Field training in January.

Well, some of you are already praying, and God is already answering, even before I’ve sent out my email asking for prayer: a church and an individual have both pledged generously: I’ve received 49% of my monthly support, and only need $1,150 per month in new pledges to reach 80% by Nov. 15th.   I’ve received nearly two-thirds of my one-time support as well.  So thank you for praying, and please continue.

I’m excited to see how God will answer our prayers! All wealth and honor are his, and if he desires me to serve in Kiev, he will provide–Pray with me.




3 responses

20 10 2011
Dave Swanson

Wow! The “forty-niners” are here! There was a big gold rush in CA ’49 and the hand painted Conestogas all said ” California or bust!” We are praying God will take care of that “or bust” part so your Conestoga just says “Kiev, ’12!” Please, Lord God bring the increase.


21 10 2011

My heart is confident in you , O God. ~Psalm 108:1

So glad to hear this good report! Keep trusting!

21 10 2011

Thanks Dad, thanks Hannah, thanks for being part of the encouraging host of witnesses to what God is doing as his present rule is extended in the earth.

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