over half-way there!

30 10 2011

51% monthly support and 64% one-timeSome of you’ve been praying, since God is working. Since my last post:

– God’s provided 51% of monthly pledged support, or $1,900 per month.

– A number of you have pledged or given already.

– I’ve received almost two-thirds of my one-time support.

– God continues graciously shaping me to make me more like Jesus.

Of course, if you saw my last update, that’s all old news.  Did you see my last update?  You can get it here, or over on the newsletter tab.  Actually, you can find all my past updates there, so if you missed one, you can look it up.

But why might you want to read my updates?  Well, perhaps you’re excited as I am to see how God is working.  He is the King of kings, the ruler of all peoples, and his reign is becoming more visible in Ukraine, in my life, and all around the world.

God promised in Daniel 2:44 that his kingdom would crush our earthly kingdoms and grow to fill the entire earth.  This promise came in response to Daniel and his friends’ fervent prayers–their lives were on the line, and they appealed to the God of heaven for mercy.  This promise is certain because it depends not on what we do, but on what God does–the stone wasn’t cut by human hands.  In other words, the growth of God’s kingdom is God’s work of grace.

I’m asking you to stand with me in prayer and ask God to provide my needed support so I can go to Pre-Field training in January.  Malachi 3 tells us that the Lord is able to open the windows of heaven and pour down  a blessing until there is no more need.  Will you ask him to do that?

To register for that January training, I need $1,075 in additional monthly pledges before November 15.

Will you pray with me?




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