56%, two thirds, & Chicago twice

6 12 2011

Yup, I was in Chicago twice within a week. The Saturday after Thanksgiving I took the train down from my relatives’ house in Milwaukee, had lunch with a friend who also wanted to hear about my upcoming missions work in Ukraine, and then rode the train out to my other relatives’ place west of Chicago. My parents met me there, and we trekked back to Chattanooga in a rental car, because my car’s transmission had died in Milwaukee. Last week I used CARTA, Chattanooga’s bus system, all week, which added a few logistical challenges to planning my week. So then this past Friday, I flew back to Mikwaukee, got the car, and drove all the way back to Chattanooga Saturday.

Last week I didn’t get a lot of Ukraine support raising done.  In fact, with riding the bus, and the extra time involved in that and walking a lot, I did very little.  However, my dependence on your prayers and God’s gracious moving in peoples’ hearts to give did not change.

My monthly pledged support inched up one percent, to 56%.  In other words, I still need $1,632.69 in new monthly pledges to be fully supported.  One time gifts have reached the two-thirds mark; I need about $8,000 more in one-time gifts for full support.

So please keep praying.  Keep giving, monthly if you can.  Watch your inboxes for more information soon… I’ve got my next update in the works.

Thanks, friends: I can’t do this without God’s grace working in me and working through you.




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