end of year giving?

23 12 2011

Out of curiosity, I just ran a couple quick numbers: if everyone who’s given a one-time gift (not counting a couple annual gifts I’ve received) toward my Ukraine support raising were to give the same amount once more, my one time need would be exceeded by $6,965. Converting that extra to monthly equivalents, my monthly support would rise from 59% up to 70%. So, if you’ve given a one-time gift, do you have it in your budget to give the same amount once more?

You’d have that much more to deduct on your 2011 taxes, my one-time need would be met, and I’d only have 30% left to raise on my monthly support.

Thanks for your crazy-generous giving, friends. I’m excited and humbled to see how God is working in and through you!




2 responses

6 01 2012

Ukraine or bust! Or something like that :). Still praying daily for your needs to be met and for your future ministry. Whenever people are delayed in doing something they KNOW they’re supposed to do, I KNOW God is up to something, working in His mysterious, wonderful ways to best use them for His glory in His time.

6 01 2012

Thanks, Hannah. I need to sit down and finish some Ukraine work tonight, came home for dinner, and have been distracted since. Back to work – Ukraine or bust!

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