depending on God in prayer

28 02 2012

In my last prayer letter, I asked my readers if anyone would like to join an Intercessor’s prayer team. I know God works through our prayers, delights to answer them, and I don’t want to go to Ukraine without solid prayer support. I’m thankful for my many friends and family who pray for me regularly, some even daily.

There haven’t been as many responses to my request as I’d hoped, which I find disappointing. However, it opened my eyes to another area were my tendency is to walk in my own strength: I assumed that God would give me a group intercessors–and quickly, too, rather than asking him about it and waiting for him to act, in his time. I’m growing in my dependence on God in prayer. Will you grow with me?

Will you pray with me for a meeting this Wednesday? I’ve applied to a local church’s missions committee for Ukraine support, and they will be considering my application at their meeting this Wednesday. As many churches do (including my home congregation), they place a high priority on supporting their own members missions work first, then regular attenders, then non-attending non-members like myself. However, I’m in the same presbytery and am seeking as much support as possible within our presbytery. Ask God to give me favor in their eyes, that they may decide to partner in sending me.




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