prayers of faith

17 03 2012

Thank you for praying for me!  God has called me to Kiev, and I know he is faithful to finish the work he’s begun.  He’s promised to answer our cries to him when we pray in faith, and he heard Jesus’ cry from the cross, and answered by raising him to life three days later!

Kiev map

Kiev regional map

God has graciously answered our prayers that I would be able to wrap up my responsibilities well at my job.  One project finished with the end of February, and my other ongoing project is being passed to two of my colleagues.  My last day working in engineering will be this coming Wednesday, March 21st.  That means my first day working full-time finding where God’s provided the rest of my Ukraine support is next Thursday, the 22nd!

I’ll be working toward having 80% of my support before April 15th, the registration deadline for the July pre-field training.  Through your prayers and generous giving, God has provided 68% of my overall support.  That’s 93% of my one-time budget and 61% of my monthly support.  Or in dollars, by April 15th I need to find $500 in new monthly pledges, and $725 in one-time gifts to reach 80% overall.

Seven $100 gifts, a $25 gift, and ten people pledging $50 per month is all I need to register for July training – is that something you can help with?

Thanks for praying with me on this journey of faith!




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