where are you giving from?

2 05 2012

A few of you have asked me how much of my support is from people in the Chattanooga region, where I currently live, and how much is from my local church.  I’ve received all my one-time support, and pledges for 67% of my monthly support.  A little over half of what’s been given so far is from the Chattanooga region, 56% to be specific.  Of my pledged monthly support, 55% is from Chattanooga, and 47% is from my local church – that’s 14 families giving monthly from my church, in addition to what our missions committee is giving.  That’s a huge blessing, because it means that when I come back after serving in Kiev, I’ll be able to easily report back to at least half my current supporters just in the Chattanooga area… and if I expand the region to include Atlanta, Birmingham, and Knoxville, I’m guessing it’d be pushing two-thirds.

So where are you giving from?  I’d say my support’s coming from hearts overwhelmed by God’s grace, who desire to see others know that grace globally.  Praise God for how he’s building his kingdom everywhere, in the hearts and lives of my supporters, in Chattanooga, and in Kiev.




2 responses

5 05 2012

Sheridan, Wyoming :).

7 05 2012

Yup, I’m not meaning to ignore anybody, whether in Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, or Australia (and yes, I’ve got a supporter down under)

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