70% monthly (81% overall!)

7 05 2012

Praise God for safe travels and an encouraging weekend! I met with missions staff at two churches in Birmingham Friday, reconnected with a friend (and met his 4-year old daughter), heard Jennifer Daniels play in Birmingham, had breakfast with a good friend and current monthly supporter, and then made it back to Chattanooga for my church’s Cinco de Mayo party and topped of the day with Chattanooga FC‘s season opening game. Then after refreshing worship Sunday morning and dinner with my parents, I shared my Ukraine ministry with another church, and came away amazed at their hospitality, generosity, interest, and potential connections to the work in Kiev.

  • Praise God for increasing my monthly support from 67% to 70% over this weekend!
  • Ask God to provide additional monthly supporters from the people I met with this past weekend.
  • Pray for me as I continue working to (1.) schedule meeting with Chattanooga-area churches, small groups, and individuals, (2.) schedule meetings in northeast (Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, Washington DC, southern New Jersey) around my sister’s wedding and grandmother’s 90th birthday party, (3.) begin follow-up work with people who’ve expressed interest in giving but haven’t made a commitment yet.

Finally, since I have all of my one-time support and 70% of my monthly, I’m 81% of the way funded to move to Kiev this August.  All I need is twenty-three more supporters (individuals, families, or churches) giving an average of $50/month, and I can begin serving in Ukraine… keep praying and giving!




2 responses

8 05 2012

Hooray for progress!

8 05 2012

yes, Hooray! And that came after what was already an encouraging weekend. The folks from all three churches were encouraging and affirming my call to Kiev, and a family at the third church is hoping to connect me with another church they think may already have connections to Kiev.

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