in Russian class this week

24 01 2013

Wow – we’ve finished the Prepositional Case, and begun the Genitive Case.  At the end of class today, with my head swimming with new grammar and unsure whether I would retain it until I could review it and use it in conversations, my teacher reassuringly said, in Russian, “Joel, you already know the Prepositional Case.  We’ve just started the Genitive. Its hard because it has many exceptions and endings, but you’ll learn it.”

My classmate Helen has been gone this week and last, and she’s returning Monday.  Yeah!  Solo classes are good, but exhausting, and sometimes its nice to have another person who answers half the questions.  Plus, Helen’s return means we’ll back up a little to catch her up, and I’m looking forward to the review to solidify what I’ve been working on.




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