I need prayer supporters.  Please consider making a commitment to pray for me on a regular basis.  I am committing to stay in regular contact with my prayer supporters using a variety of communications technologies: this blog, emails, and letters.

Prayer Requests

19 June 2013

  • Praise God for the beginnings of a number of friendships with Ukrainians, and ask him to deepen those relationship.
  • Praise God for providing faithful ministry partners, who are praying and giving to support the work God’s called me to.  Thank you for your partnership with me.
  • Pray that God’s Spirit would continue to internalize all the Russian I’m trying to acquire, both in my three-mornings a week at language school, and through all my conversations, listening, and reading.
  • Ask God to deepen my team’s unity and love as we adjust to the arrival of new teammates and as we assist Ukrainian church-planter Maxim with his new church plant, Liberty.
  • Pray for the summer English camp one of the church’s we’re serving is hosting July 29 – Aug 3,  Ask the Lord to send students; pray for the short-term team coming from Detroit; and pray for me and others who will be teaching the English lessons.

23 April 2013

  • Praise God for the coming of spring, for the melting of four months of snow on the ground.
  • Thank God for the two birthday parties I was able to attend, and for the friendships represented there.
  • Praise the Lord for the first Ukrainian reformed youth conference: for all who came, for the teaching, and the relationships that were begun there.  Ask the Lord to deepen those friendships for the strengthening of his people throughout Ukraine.
  • Thank the Lord for the lessons he’s teaching me when I’m lonely–for his promises, and for his Spirit’s presence.  In reality, I’m never totally alone, because he won’t abandon me.
  • Praise God for the weekly prayer group at Church of the Big City.  Even though I don’t understand all the praying in Russian, its a huge encouragement to me to pray with Ukrainian believers, and its exciting when I do follow the gist of someone’s prayer, or even complete phrases here and there.

11 February 2013

  • Thank God for providing my visa and residency card.
  • Thank him for calling and placing me here in Kyiv.
  • Ask God to give me a good understanding of Russian, a pleasing accent, and lots of opportunities to listen and to speak.  Pray that he provides a language helper.
  • Pray for growth in my friendships with Ukrainians.
  • Ask the Lord to grow Big City Church in Christ’s grace.

16 January 2013

  • Praise the Lord for providing 100% of my support, which enabled me to move here to Kyiv on October 1st of 2012.
  • Pray for self-discipline to structure my Russian-language study time well.  I have class a 2.5 hour class three or four times a week, so I’m supplementing what my teacher gives me with my own study.
  • Ask God to provide me with one or two Russian-speaking Ukrainian guys I can meet with regularly for language help.  I’ve lots of opportunities to practice speaking and listening anywhere I go, but there are certain topics where it’d be helpful to drill with a native speaker.
  • Pray that I receive my one-year visa by early February.  In my trip to Krakow after Christmas, I received a 45-day visa that’s necessary to apply for the one-year visa.

8 June 2012

  • Give thanks for my extra one-time support and 73% of my monthly support.
  • Praise God for eyes to see and trust his grace.
  • Thank God for safe travels to my recent Ukraine meetings and family events.
  • Pray for my needed monthly support ($800/month) by end of June so I can move to Kyiv in August, after pre-field training in July.
  • Pray for joy as I serve Christ’s church by pointing to his kingdom-building.

15 May 2012

  • Praise God for providing 79% monthly (91% overall) support!  Ask him to enable me to find my remaining monthly partners before the end of June.
  • Pray that the joy of the gospel drives and strengthens me: Jesus is far too good, glorious, and beautiful to not work to make his name known here and in Kyiv!
  • Prayerfully consider giving monthly: 9% of my monthly support is from extra generous one-time giving.  If you can give (or have given) $600, would you pledge to give it again a year from now?  That would be equivalent to a $50/month pledge!

7 May 2012

  • Praise God for safe travels and an encouraging weekend! I met with missions staff at two churches in Birmingham Friday, reconnected with a friend (and met his 4-year old daughter), heard Jennifer Daniels play in Birmingham, had breakfast with a current monthly supporter, and then made it back to Chattanooga for my church’s Cinco de Mayo party and topped of the day with Chattanooga Football Club’s season opening game. Then after refreshing worship Sunday morning and dinner with my parents, I shared my Ukraine ministry with another church, and came away amazed at their hospitality, generosity, interest, and potential connections to the work in Kyiv.
  • Praise God for increasing my monthly support from 67% to 70% over this weekend!
  • Ask God to provide additional monthly supporters from the people I met with this past weekend.

30 April 2012

  • Pray for my remaining monthly support ($1,400/month) by end of June so I can move to Kyiv in early August.
  • Pray for deep joy in my support-raising work: I get to serve the church now as I prepare for Kyiv!

28 March 2012

  • Pray for two Chattanooga area church missions committees meeting tonight as they consider my request to partner with their congregations.

23 March 2012

  • Thank God for 61% of my monthly support & for 96% of my one-time support.
  • Praise God with me for God’s blessing & provision thru engineering work the past 10 years.
  • Ask God to provide 80% of my monthly pledged support by April 15th, so I can register for pre-field training.
  • Pray for full support by end of June, so I can move to Kyiv in early August.

20 February 2012

  • Praise God for 59% of my monthly support and 87% of my one-time support!
  • Thank God for my safe trip to two encouraging conferences earlier this month.
  • Plead with God to provide 80% of my support by March 30th, and full support by April 30th.
  • Ask God to provide so I can head to training in July and Kyiv in early August

19 December 2011 — ways to pray:

  • Praise the living God, for he answers prayer!
  • Thank God for 56% of my monthly support and 68% of my one-time support.
  • Pray that I’ll trust God, rest, and work
  • Ask God to provide my full support by late winter, so I can head to Kyiv in spring 2012

29 October 2011 — keep praying:

  • Praise God for 51% of monthly pledged support, or $1,900 per month
  • Ask God to provide 80% of my support by November 15th–that’s an additional $1,075 per month
  • Give thanks for all who’ve pledged or given already
  • Thank God with me for his Holy Spirit’s working in my life, and pray that I will continue to become more like Jesus.

19 October 2011 — Please pray:

  • giving thanks for 49% monthly and 64% one-time support
  • Thank God for the gifts of Jesus and Holy Spirit!
  • Plead with God to provide 80% of my support by November 15, and full support by December 31
  • for ability to schedule meetings

12 September 2011 — Please pray:

  • Give thanks for 52% of my one-time support
  • Thank God for safety travelling
  • Praise God for his faithfulness and grace
  • Pray for my monthly support, still at 34%, to double by the end of September
  • Pray for creative boldness calling others to give
  • Pray for perseverance in final months raising support
  • Ask the Lord to enable me to meet my January 2012 deadline

10 August 2011 — Please pray:

  • giving thanks for 34% monthly and 49% one-time support
  • Thank God for good recent support meetings
  • with thanks for encouraging friends
  • for ability to schedule meetings
  • for 59% of my full support by August 31
  • for full support by November
  • for my continued discipline with time
  • for joy as I get to tell people how God’s building by grace!

10 June 2011 — Please pray:

  • with thanks for 32% monthly and 41% one-time support
  • with gratitude for Jesus’ presence in Word and sacrament
  • for cheerful givers
  • for 50% of my support by June 30th
  • for full support by this fall
  • for people to be free to talk or meet
  • for joy as I get to tell people how God’s building his kingdom by grace, everywhere!

26 April 2011 — how you can pray:

  • give thanks for 30% of my monthly & 34% of my one-time support!
  • praise God for Jesus presence in Word and sacrament
  • pray for discipline with time: I’ve received extra engineering work and want to work more efficiently, not longer hours
  • pray for 45% of my monthly support by May 31
  • ask the Lord to provide full support by early autumn
  • pray for people’s availability for meetings

15 March 2011 — Please pray:

  • with thanks for 18% of my monthly and 24% of my one-time support
  • giving thanks for recent encouragements from friends
  • for disciplne using my time
  • for 60% of my monthly support by April 15th

5 January 2011 — Please pray:

  • for discipline using my time
  • for the Lord to provide support
  • give thanks for encouraging friends and family

30 November 2010 — Please pray:

  • for wise use of my time
  • for talks with potential partners
  • give thanks for 16% monthly and 30% one-time support

2 October 2010 — Please pray:

  • that I will delight in God
  • that I’d encourage you
  • for wise use of my time
  • that I’d connect well with potential supporters at MTW’s Global Missions Conference in Chattanooga, November 5 – 7, 2010.

14 August 2010 — Please pray:

  • that I will delight in God
  • that I will encourage you, my partners
  • for wisdom balancing support raising and engineering work
  • for generous monthly pledges
  • that God’s kingdom be built in me, in you, and in Ukraine

24 June 2010 — Please pray that:

  • My ministry presentation in Birmingham, AL, goes well tomorrow evening. I’ll share the Kyiv ministry with 10-12 people, friends of a friend of mine.
  • I am able to confirm meetings with a few people from Minnesota churches at General Assembly in Nashville one afternoon or evening next week.
  • For a refreshing Independence Day holiday in Pennsylvania with extended family.
  • I will work faithfully at my engineering work and my support raising work in July.
  • The Lord would continue to answer my 4 May prayer requests below.

4 May 2010 — Please pray for me. I need:

  • Diligence to keep building momentum in sharing the ministry in Kyiv with people.
  • Clarity as I communicate the ministry in Kyiv.
  • Boldness when I ask people to support me with finances and prayer.
  • God to move people’s hearts to give to his work in Kyiv.
  • Thank the Lord with me for his steadfast love and grace!

20 December 2009 — Thank the Lord with me for:

  • The “tidings of comfort and joy” that we have because God became man for us in the baby Jesus, because this man was born to die for our sins at the cross, and because he defeated death when he rose from the grave.
  • The wisdom of the church in focusing on Jesus’ incarnation and birth during Advent season.  This year has been particularly encouraging for me to hear the Advent carols and the gospel afresh, to remember the mighty deeds of God in giving his Son, to long for the return of Jesus, the King, and to experience him in the present by his Spirit as Emmanuel, God-with-us.
  • The call the Lord has place before me through his church to serve in Kyiv, Ukraine.  I am humbled and excited to see how the Lord will work through your prayers and support to build his people up, not only in Ukraine but also in your hearts and lives.

Please ask the Lord to give me:

  • Practical wisdom to know how much support building work I should reasonably expect to accomplish from week to week while I continue working full-time as a civil engineer.  My plan is to continue my engineering work through 2010, with a goal of full support and moving to Kyiv by the beginning of 2011.
  • A good start building a team of supporters during a few support-development days in the Philadelphia–New Jersey–New York City area, and a good time celebrating Christmas and New Years’ with family on the other days.
  • Joy and comfort in the gospel of Jesus.  I have a large task ahead of me, and it can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but as a song I sing with the pre-K kids at church reminds me, “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do.”

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