12 11 2011

This week I haven’t seen an increase in my monthly support, but I’ve been encouraged by supporters praying and telling me that they’re praying. Two months ago I’d only received 34%, and through your prayers God’s given me 21% increase.

Pray with me for my next 25%, which will take me to 80% monthly support. Watch your email for an update tomorrow morning. Enjoy your Friday evening (if its Friday evening in your timezone). Thanks, friends!


prayers rising

22 10 2011

some of you have told me that you’re praying daily for my support – thanks!

I emailed everybody this morning asking for concentrated prayer, and by the time I got to work a friend had emailed me notice of a new monthly pledge. After work I had another email from a cousin with a monthly pledge. Also, I received three encouraging emails from folks who’re praying with me for God to provide.

These may seem little, but receiving two pledges and three encouraging emails the same day I emailed everyone is a HUGE encouragement: thanks, folks!

By the way, whoever pledges the next $25.99 per month (ok, call it $26 to make it even, but then you may as well round up to $30) will put my support at the 50% mark. Any takers?