Happy Saturday evening

12 08 2012

So I’m home in Chattanooga, mailing out hard copies of the email update many of you received yesterday.  I also hope to send out a couple thank you notes, and more will follow on Monday.  Addressing and signing letters, penning thank you notes… these things may seem mundane, but they’re the stuff of relationship–expressions of the real partnership in the gospel I have with many of you.

planted one month in Astoria to prepare for two years (minimum!) in Kiev!

Thanks for your prayers and support!  I wouldn’t have been able to attend MTW’s Cross Cultural Ministry Internship in New York without your partnership, and certainly wouldn’t been able to follow God’s call to serve in Kiev without your vital role.  Because of your faithfulness, I was planted in Astoria, Queens, New York City last month, and was able to serve Astoria Community Church there while preparing to serve in Kiev soon.

Also, through your prayers and giving, you’re making more certain my September departure for the field.  I’ve received emails regarding two more pledges, one from an individual and one from a church, that move my overall support to nearly 98%!

Happy Saturday evening!  Thanks for your generosity in giving and your persistence in praying!


A month in Astoria

5 08 2012

This past Wednesday I left Astoria, Queens, New York City, after living there all of July for a month of pre-field training.  It was a good, busy, full month including taking classes, working with Astoria Community Church, exploring Astoria, and experiencing some of the richness of New York City.  I didn’t want to leave.

Our group of 49 missionaries and 51 kids was divided into ministry teams, and my team of eight missionaries, three interns, and four kids planned, advertized, and held a free week-long English as a Second Language (ESL) class.

ESL students and teachers

our ESL class for Astoria Community Church

The classes we took covered cross-cultural ministry, team dynamics, and language acquisition skills.   We worked hard, saw incredible beauty in the city, and saw the beauty of God unifying our ministry team through prayer.  We discovered halfway through the month that our most productive ministry team meetings were those where we’d take 20 to 30 minutes at the beginning to take time to pray in an unhurried manner, as a group.

View from my friends’ midtown westside apartment building

View from my front porch in Astoria

Pray with me for the growth of God’s kingdom in Astoria, in Kiev, and all around the world.  The wall below was just around the corner from where I lived all month in Astoria:

May it be a reminder for constant prayer for Astoria and the people of God who are gathered there, for your neighborhood, and for the believers I’ll soon be joining in Kiev.