come to our English camp!

10 07 2013

Hello friends, if you’re in Kyiv and would like to improve your conversational English, come to our English camp.  I’ll be one of the teachers at X-Way 2013: The Game, the tenth annual English camp my friends here in Kyiv have organized to serve English learners in Kyiv.  Details and registration are at


And as an additional bonus, if you can find me or my friends this Friday or Saturday in the center of Kyiv, we have an English reading test for you.  If you can read the first few paragraphs with minimal pronunciation mistakes, you’ll win a free, cold drink.  If you’re able to read the entire poem with no more than five pronunciation mistakes, you’ll receive a discount on your English camp registration fee.

I hope to see you soon, either downtown, or at the English Camp later this month.  Happy learning!