where I’ve been

26 01 2010

Hi folks. I didn’t disappear, but have been negligent updating my website. For those of you who’ve been praying for me as I begin building a team of supporters, thanks! I’ve had joy and comfort in the gospel over the holidays and as this new year has begun.

Over the Christmas and New Years holidays, I covered about 2,200 miles by car, visiting family and friends, making an introduction at a church near my grandmother’s church, and connecting with some imagine a grey Europe map, with Ukraine blue, and Joel's contact info on it friends in person and a few over the phone. I designed a business card with my missions contact information, and almost caught up on reading recommended by Mission to the World for new missionaries like myself who are just beginning to build partnerships with friends, supporters, and churches.

The first request I asked you to pray for in my last post, practical wisdom to set my week-to-week support raising expectations, is still a prayer request. The Lord has blessed me with plenty of work at my engineering job, but that has meant less time than I had planned in the evenings for living and building my team. Please keep praying that I will make wise decisions regarding how I use the time the Lord gives me.

By the way, if anybody reading this has a really good borsch recipe, I’d love to try making it. Having a big pot of soup and some good rye bread is an excellent was to ward off the cold of winter and free up the next few evenings for writing, planning, praying, and calling people.  Please let me know how I can pray for you.