invitation to Kiev

14 10 2009

The Mission to the World (MTW) Kiev team has invited me to join them in Ukraine! I’m currently filling out some supplementary forms due back to MTW before Oct. 26th, which are required prior to my attending their Interview and Orientation (I&O) in Atlanta, 16 – 20 November. If I’m approved at I&O, I’ll then be officially approved as an MTW missionary, raising support for 2 to 3 years of service in Kiev.

Please pray for three things:
(1.) that my employer will grant me time off for the MTW I&O in November;
(2.) that I finish and return all the paperwork to MTW no later than October 26th; and
(3.) that God would use my present excitement at the prospect of serving in Kiev to deepen my hunger for him in his Word and my longing to see Jesus treasured everywhere, including here in Chattanooga where I’m called to serve for the near future.