multiplying by two

1 02 2010

My local church small group is moving toward becoming two small groups. Recently we’ve had 12 to 18 or so adults attending each week, so we’re making two new groups that will hopefully function as small groups where we can really know each other, face to face. I’m excited by this, because we hope to make sure we’re all growing in the grace of Jesus, and our desire is to reach out into our neighborhood to show Jesus to people who don’t yet know him. I’m also dependent on your prayers as I will be helping facilitate one of these two new groups.  As a small group we discussed these changes this evening, and though we will genuinely miss people in our current group who wind up in the other small group, our overall attitude seemed to be one of anticipation to see how the Lord will work in us and in our community in the coming months and years.

Pray that the Lord who multiplied food for thousands of people from a boy’s meager lunch will use our small efforts to begin touching the lives of people in our community with his grace and peace.