safe arrival

16 09 2009

I’ve arrived safely in Kiev, tired but grateful for a few hours of sleep while crossing the Atlantic.  Thank you for praying.  Tonight is pretty low key–I’m settling into where I’ll be staying through Sunday, and staying awake until bedtime here, to hopefully minimize the time adjusting to jet lag.  Please pray for a quick adjustment to the new time zone (seven hours ahead of the US east coast time), and that I will remember the few useful Ukrainian phrases I know and pick up any necessary Russian phrases.  I will have two overnight train rides while I’m here, and I may need to communicate in Ukrainian or Russian, and it would be great to have a little bit more than just pointing at my phrasebooks.

Tomorrow I will be visiting the seminary with which the missionary team works.  Friday I will participate with their university student English Club, and may be seeing some other aspects of the work here.  In the morning when I meet with the team leader I’ll find out a bit more about my schedule for the next few days.

Here are two pictures I took off the 20th floor apartment where I’m staying:

Please continue praying that the Lord uses this trip to clarify how he is leading me.  Thanks for supporting me with your prayers!

with gratitude,