19 days

27 03 2012

Just a quick update, friends: I only need $685 in new monthly support to reach 80% monthly by April 15th. Thanks to a new anonymous donor who’s pledged $40/month, and a quarterly donor who increased his or her pledge by 33%.

Praise God with me for 62.5% of my monthly support and 98.4% of my one-time support! Another $1,467 in monthly pledges and I’ll be 100% supported.  Aiming for August!

Pray that as I reach out to churches the Chattanooga area and the Tennessee Valley Presbytery, God would connect me with key individuals and families, and would move their hearts to partner in sending me to Kiev.

Thanks for your prayers and generosity!


shifting schedule

7 07 2011

Tuesday I met a friend for lunch to tell him a bit more about my calling to serve in Ukraine. He and his wife are interested in praying for me, holding me before our Father’s throne. I was encouraged by his enthusiasm for cross-cultural missions as I heard about his early exposure to missions, his wife’s almost serving overseas herself before they married, and their commitment to give and to pray. I need conversations like that, for encouragement and for the joy and excitement of telling others how God is working in Kiev.

Summer is a busy time – another friend and I had to reschedule the Ukraine dessert and coffee she was going to host for me last night, because a number of people who expressed interested in coming couldn’t make it last night. Too often this seems to be the case: people are interested but busy. Please ask God to enable me to schedule meetings with friends and new contacts who would like to hear about Ukraine, and who may participate by praying and/or giving to send me.

I’m excited to go, but still need 68% of my monthly support, or $2,455/month. Sounds like a lot, but it could break down to 25 people giving $50/month and 50 people giving $25/month.  My schedule’s shifted: I need 100% of my funding by November of this year, so if you’re been intending to give but haven’t, please do.  Check out the give tab for details how you can give.

So pray that I can schedule meetings. Pray also that I’ll remain driven by the culture-crossing gospel of Jesus. Thanks!

quick update

8 06 2011

Hi friends, supporters, and prayer partners. A few of you have asked recently where I’m at with support raising. I’ve currently received 41% of my one-time support, and 32% of my monthly pledges. Hopefully I’ll be finishing an update this afternoon and sending that out via email and snail-mail tomorrow. Over Memorial Day weekend I found a really cheap ticket and went to Minnesota to visit friends and was able to share my Ukraine ministry with a church in Minnetonka. More later – thanks for praying and giving!

by the numbers

7 04 2011

Just a quick update: I’ve currently received pledges for 20% of my budgeted monthly support: praise the Lord! I also know of at least two friends and two co-workers who’ve told me they’re pledging but their gifts haven’t yet shown up in MTW’s website for me to see their impact.

Please keep praying, and if you’re planning to give, send in your pledge. Contact MTW, email me and I’ll forward your email, or see http://www.swansonmission.com/give. Thanks, friends.