hooray for progress!

14 05 2012

This past Sunday in our worship service we commissioned Jarett & Mary Carole Hall to serve in Monterrey, Mexico with MTW. I was particularly excited to see them heading to their field of service, because they and I started raising our prayer and financial support at the same time.

I just found out one of my supporting churches increased their monthly support by 60%, retroactively from the beginning of 2012! God’s working through your prayers, their generosity, and the giving of lots of others, too!

I’ve received 76% of my monthly support, and only need $933 per month in new pledges to be fully funded. God is providing, and I trust that I’ll be moving to Kiev this August!

Thank God with me, and keep praying for his provision of my remaining support.


105% one-time support

3 04 2012

Praise God with me: through your giving and prayers, He’s provided 105% of my one-time support. That extra 5% is about $1,200, or the equivalent of a two-year $50/month pledge.  My primary financial need is still monthly support pledges, but if a one-time gift is what God enables you to give, MTW can apply your gift toward my monthly support.

Monthly support is still at 62.5%, so I still need $690/month in new pledges to reach 80% before April 15th to register for training.

Kiev is a city God can use for global impact: its a capitol city at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, a borderland of sorts. One of my non-Christian friends from my first visit to Ukraine recently finished his studies in Ukraine and returned to his home country. Though I can still pray for him, I’ve missed the opportunity to catch up with him and commend Christ to him again in person, but there are other students like him in Kiev. Pray with me for the Ukrainian church’s witness to students like him. Ask God to supply my need so I can help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine grow in Christ and bear witness to the nations in Kiev, through their country, and to the world. Thanks!